Men's Jewelry Gift Ideas

Are you agonizing over what to buy for a special man in your life? One word: jewelry. It’s not always the first thought when it comes to buying gifts for men, but jewelry is an incredibly meaningful and powerful offering.

Here are some simple jewelry gift ideas for men.


A gold chain

Who for: the classic man who loves minimal yet luxe style.

A simple gold (or silver!) chain not only looks incredibly chic and style-forward, but it’s one of the most versatile jewelry options. A chain like the Cuban Link sits flat against the body and fits seamlessly with any shirt. What’s more, your man has the option of progressing the style by layering with other chains or adding a pendant.


A symbolic pendant

Who for: the creative man who loves art, history, and culture.

Symbolic pendants are ideal for capturing the essence and core values of a person and distilling them into one stunning piece.

A pendant is a great gift for commemorating a key moment, milestone, or achievement in a man’s life. For example, the Angel pendant could celebrate the welcoming of a new child (youthful energy!), or simply symbolize guardianship when embarking on a scary new journey.

Pendants are ideal for men who are already secure in their personal aesthetic and have already experimented with more bold accessories and style choices.


A statement ring

Who for: the fashion-appreciating man who doesn’t mind a little attention.

Statement rings are a true style choice, often picked by the man who has a strong sense of himself and likes to portray this through fashion. A statement ring might be a risky choice for a more conservative guy with an understated style. However, for the fashion-forward man with a sense of vitality and strength, a ring such as the Julius Caesar would suit him to a tee. 


A simple bracelet

Who for: the chic minimalist who isn’t afraid to branch out.

If the man in question has a refined, sleek style aesthetic, a simple bracelet could be the perfect pick. A bracelet such as the Figaro adds texture, versatility, and understated luxe style to any look. This can be layered with other bracelets, offset with a chain necklace, or worn as a solo piece for one-and-done style.