How to Choose Your Signature Jewelry Piece

A signature piece of jewelry should be with you for decades, ingrained into your aesthetic and symbolic of how people see you.

When choosing your signature jewelry piece, instinct and instant chemistry have a lot to do with it. However, there are a few key questions and considerations you should ponder before making your choice.


Think about your core values

A piece of jewelry, especially for men, can symbolize a multitude of things. It might commemorate a key time in life or it may simply symbolize the core of who you are and what you strive to be.

If you seek more inner strength and a sense of bravery in your life, you might choose something like the Eagle which symbolizes strength, direction, and grace.

If you are fiercely loyal and a great friend you could choose the Wolf pendant. Or, if you’re a man of strong Christian faith the Jesus pendant would be ideal.

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Take stock of your daily life and wardrobe

What do the ins and outs of your life look like? What do you find yourself wearing most often? If it’s a pair of boxing gloves, you may want to avoid a chunky statement ring, for example. Or, if you’re constantly on the water during weekends, a long chain may simply get in the way.

Consider your work and weekend wardrobe rotation and pick something that fits in seamlessly. For example, if you’re a professional “suit and tie” man with a shorts-and-t-shirt weekend life, a simple ring may be ideal. Whereas if you’re a teacher or handyman, a short chain may be more practical.


Be true to yourself

Don’t try to be anyone else. Choosing a statement ring when you know it’s just not you won’t feel great. You’ll end up forcing yourself to wear it and will second guess your choice over and over. The perfect piece is the one you feel represents your authentic self, even if the guy next door wears something entirely different.