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Premium Jewelry without the Premium Price.


Everyone has a story to tell and many ways to tell it. How you look is the best way to make sure people understand this story. Jewelry and accessories are an important form of self-expression, one that sets your entire style altogether and apart from the rest.

All too often though, too many people are forced to choose between cheap plastic or overpriced hunks of metal. All around the accessory market, I was always disappointed to find myself forced to look at either budgeted, low-quality products or well-designed, expensive ones. I couldn’t believe how hard it was to just find something that looked great, would go easy on my wallet and would truly represent my style to tell my story.

Frustrated by all the empty options, I began digging deeper into the accessory industry. Looking at product after product, I found that sellers only cared about their profits and never about sharing their customers’ image. I kept thinking to myself, your jewelry should be telling a story to the world; how you look is the book people read you by. Your accessory’s details should be perfectly crafted to paint your picture. Above all, your jewelry should always be reasonably priced.

With all these ideas in mind, Marcozo was founded in Toronto in 2015 standing by our motto, “Premium jewelry without the premium price.” All our offered products are custom-designed and crafted by our team, exclusively available through us. Our goal is to reach out to you and help you tell your story without breaking the bank. I’m confident that you’re going to love everything we have to offer.

Michael P.
Founder of Marcozo
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