Men’s Jewelry for the Office

Thankfully, office environments have become a little more lenient in recent years when it comes to men’s presentation. However, as far as times have come, there are still expectations when it comes to how you accessorize and dress for the professional world.

Here’s a simple guide to men’s jewelry for the office.


A simple chain

A simple chain around the neck is hard to find fault with, no matter the profession. It can be tucked into the shirt to be seen glinting here and there without making a big statement.

A chain such as the Figaro is classic, understated, and sits close to the skin for a comfortable and inconspicuous wear experience. Choose a longer length so the chain can remain safely tucked into your undershirt.

When the clock strikes 5 and the work day is done, you can untuck the chain and wear it out for leisure.


A subtle ring

One ring is unlikely to get the bosses talking, especially a simple one like the Emperor ring. A ring is a perfectly viable option for an office job where your hands are used for typing and communicating. And hey, a ring may even be a power play, symbolizing strength, confidence, and a unique take. You may even want to push the boundaries and try a bold move like the Lion ring…what’s the worst that could happen?


A pendant that can be tucked away

You don’t need to completely forgo your unique style for the sake of sticking to the unspoken (or spoken!) protocols at the office. If you’ve got a go-to statement pendant, rock it, but wear it on a longer chain so it can be safely tucked into your shirt. You can still keep your pendant close to your chest, harnessing the power, love, and reminiscence it may give you. Once the work day is over, untuck it and wear it proud.