Men's Jewelry for Beginners - 4 Simple Tips

Unfortunately, men have generally been left behind in the jewelry department. Luckily, in recent years, men’s accessorization and personal sartorial options have come miles.

Jewelry can be a real cornerstone of a man’s self-expression through style and can even symbolize the things he holds dear.

If you’re a man embarking on a new jewelry journey or are buying a gift for a jewelry novice, here’s a simple guide!


1. Start simple with one key piece

When starting out with men’s jewelry, stick to one core piece. Don’t go the whole hog with a ring and necklace set or expect him to don a bracelet trio. Something like a classic ring, pendant, or chain is a good way to begin. This allows you to get accustomed to the routine and feel of jewelry without feeling like your entire style has been transformed.

Something with a classic, timeless style that doesn’t scream “trend!” is ideal. For example, a simple rope chain can slip in seamlessly to any outfit without stress. Then, you can add a pendant or layer with other chains when and if you feel like progressing your jewelry aesthetic.


2. Consider symbolism

Jewelry has a rich history of symbolism and mythology. Sure, some pieces simply look cool, but they can also carry deep meaning for the wearer. If the new jewelry addition is to celebrate a certain milestone, achievement, or turning point, look for a piece that matches the sentiment.

 For example, a new job may mean a higher position or more responsibility. For such an occasion, a lion pendant could be ideal as it symbolizes strength, power, and courage.

 Remember, jewelry can speak a thousand words, so make sure you pick something that speaks accurately about you!


3. Consider your daily life and routine

No matter how cool a piece of jewelry looks, it’s not going to give you joy if it simply doesn’t fit in with your lifestyle and routine.

For example, if you’re a doctor who is constantly washing hands and caring for patients, a hand covered in rings may not be practical for daily wear. In saying that, you may be wanting a piece only for occasional wear, which is a consideration in itself.

Ask yourself: do I want this piece to be a permanent part of my look? Do I want to commit to this piece every day? What clothes do I wear most often and will this piece be compatible? Will this piece be safe, acceptable, and comfortable for my job?


4. Consider care and maintenance

And finally, take note of the care and maintenance requirements for your new addition. Jewelry, while hardy, does need a little TLC to last forever in excellent condition. It can be as simple as storing your piece in a dry, dark place to prevent moisture damage or tarnishing. Marcozo also offers lifetime warranty if anything happens to your jewelry!


Now that you’re a little more clued-up about how to pick a piece of jewelry as your “starter”, check out our range at Marcozo to find your perfect match.