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Lion Necklace - Black

Cross Necklace - Gold

Excellent Product

Shipping was excellent and my product arrived quickly. The quality of the necklace is excellent ranging from build quality to craftsman ship. The gold design is beautiful and the coin replicate looks authentic. Bought a new gold chain to link with it. Will be buying more jewelry for sure.

I love my new Jesus piece.

I got exactly what I expected with my new Marcozo Jesus piece. It's creatively crafted I get compliments on it everywhere I go. I feel like it was made for me.

Compass necklace

This necklace and the black anchor necklace were a gift for my grandson. He is really pleased. He likes the gold and is very excited about tha black

A chain fit for a king

The chain right out of the bag is really nice. I do like that they sort of gave it an "old gold" finish. It's a nice look, but I also hope this isn't just some way of hiding the tarnishing effect over time. I do actually wish the chain itself was even thicker honestly and the coin pendant itself, while very nicely detailed, was much smaller and lighter than I thought it would be. It's not really that big of an issue, its just that I personally like my chains to have some real weight to them. Overall guys its, for me, a great buy, but the real test for me is to see how long it lasts before it starts to fade or tarnish. I haven't owned a chain yet I couldn't basically just destroy from regular, everyday wear.

Great fir

Flexible and looks good


The Christ head is just gorgeous it's heavy it's beautiful it's done real nice and the craftsmanship is 100% now the chain you can forget about it it's ugly and it's no good looking I'm sorry now if you want my advice do a better chain that change sucks but the Christ that is what I wanted anyway and it's gorgeous so thank you once again and I will be buying more stuff from you but you can keep those chains

Franco Chain-GOLD

Stuntastic, perfect length, just the right amount of chain swang at most definitely affordable price.

Cross Necklace - Black

Rope Chain - White Gold

Awesome Pendant

Great quality with a really nice gold color. Looks like real solid 18k gold. Constantly getting compliments on this pendant..gotta love the rewards of wearing dope jewelry

Black anchor chain

I bought this as a gift it was exactly what I was looking for and the recipient loved it!!

Great quality

Excellent quality products as always. This is my 6th product from Marcozo and they don’t disappoint!


Súper cool details and in general awesome

Julius Caesar Ring - Ancient Silver

I love it it looks awesome

Thanks guys once again this necklace is so nice ppl everywhere were like yo !!! I need one like this


Great product, love it! 👍

Great Necklace!

Very great quality & one of my favorites of the new year! Looking forward to shopping more 😁

Alexander The Great Necklace

Very detailed design and amazing finish, nice weight to it as usual

Such an awesome ring

Awesome made ring. My son is so happy with this ring. It was worth (pre-order) warming for. He wears both rings daily!
Thank you for the excellent customer service!
Greetings from the Netherlands

Awesome ring

Very nice and well made. It was a pre-order for my son. Unfortunately they send us the wrong ring. Customer service was very kind and they immediately send my the right ring! We could keep the wrong product.
Excellent service!!!
Thank you very much.
Greetings from the Nederlands

Thanks love it

Everything is great

Lion pendant

Lion pendant was better than expected. My son loved it & the family was wowed on how great it looked. Thnx