Men’s Summer Outfits for 2022 and How to Accessorize

Summer is here! Or, if you’re on the other side of the world, it’s just a couple of seasons away. No matter where you’re at, there’s always time to consider your next summer style rotation.

During the warm season, consider accessorizing your look to maximize your balmy day and night aesthetic.

Here are a few key men’s summer outfit ideas for 2022 and how to accessorize them with statement jewelry.


The all-linen trouser and shirt combo

The accessory: The statement ring

Linen is cool to wear and cool to look at, conjuring images of hot summer days on the French Riviera or Italian seaside. A pair of linen trousers in a creamy beige, a tan leather belt, and a white linen shirt rolled at the sleeves is a timeless look. Accessorize the outfit with a statement ring in gold to catch the sun and add a little bold symbolism to this classic, vintage-inspired look.


The preppy chino and polo combo

The accessory: the gold bracelet

The preppy look is not just for preppy guys, it’s a versatile, universal combo that can be tweaked to suit your personal taste. A pair of chinos in a cool tone such as bone, taupe, or even light blue worn with a tucked-in polo is casual yet sleek for daytime activity. Accessorize this look with a silver or gold bracelet.


The modern Hawaiian shirt and linen shorts combo

The accessory: The single gold chain

Remember when Hawaiian shirts were only worn by embarrassing Dads on family holidays? No more. The Hawaiian shirt, when chosen in a modern print and color combination, can be a fashion-forward style choice for summer days and casual evenings. Pair it with a pair of linen shorts in tan, khaki, bone, or white to further modernize the look. To keep it from leaning toward the tacky side, avoid denim shorts or board shorts. Accessorize the look with a single gold chain glinting around the neck.


The baggy shorts and oversized tee combo

The accessory: layered chains and a statement pendant

If chinos, shirts, and linens just aren’t your look, go down the streetwear route and choose a pair of baggy sweat-style shorts and an oversized tee. This combo is timeless cool and can be worn with slides, sand shoes, or even sneakers and socks. This look can afford to be accessorized as much as you like and looks especially good with layered chains. Up the ante and add a statement pendant such as the Trident to symbolize the strength and power of the ocean and Poseidon himself.